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Ever considered the nutritional value of Chinese Food?

We all like to know we are going to benefit from what we eat, whether it is for our health or happiness.

This is the same with Chinese food, where we care a great deal about what we eat. Traditional Chinese dishes are cooked using the stir fry method, adding lots of fresh vegetables.

This carries through to the food we prepare at China Palace, with many dishes containing vegetables as well as a variety of meat and fish. Using the method of stir fry cooking, much of the nutrition found in vegetables is retained and only a small amount of oil is needed too.

We use a lot of garlic, ginger and chilli; all ingredients with health benefits. Garlic is renowned for benefitting the heart, ginger aids digestion and chillies are packed with vitamins.

Because our menu consists of flavours of not only China, but of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam we use a wide variety of spices and herbs. Dried ingredients such as dried mushrooms, shrimps and clams add intensity and depth to the food. Our expert chefs have prepared and cooked Asian food for over 20 years, ensuring the dishes you'll be served at China Palace are the tastiest for miles.

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China Palace Arundel

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To make a table reservation or order a take away please give us a ring. If you have any other enquiries or wish to discuss reserving private dining room, please either give us a ring or complete the form below. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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